There is an Alumni Association in the College named as "Govt. College, Sampla Alumni Association ". The Association conducted its meeting and unanimously nominated.
Mr. Vishal as President
Mr. Navdeep as Vice President
Mr. Praveen as General Secretory
Mr. Rajesh as Assistant Secretory
Mr. Sachin as Treasurer
The aim of the association is to 
1. Organise Intellectual,academic and cultural activities sport and games, entertainment programs,improvement in existing infrastructure of the college and social service etc for the benefit of the college,existing students and society at large.
2. Conduct academic meets such as conferences workshops,seminars, lectures by eminent personalities representing all walks of life for the benefits of members,teachers and students.
3. Institute and award prizes for the meritorious students of the college in the field of academics,sports and other extra curriculum activities.

The executive member of the association decided to get the association registered under the societies registration act 2013 of Haryana. Soon the Government College Sampla Aluminium Association will be a registered body under the act.